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Welcome to Hervey Bay

Natural beauty and local friendliness are at the heart of everything you'll love about Hervey Bay. The pristine beaches and waters of the bay are clear, calm & safe, and rival any top-listed beaches of the world. When you arrive at the Esplanade and are gazing along 16km of white sandy beaches and unbelievable aqua sea, your breath will slow and your body will relax. What a beautiful place.

Hervey Bay is also the gateway to the world's largest sand island and Heritage-listed K’gari (Fraser Island), and Lady Elliot Island on the southern Great Barrier Reef. It is also uniquely home to the world’s first Whale Heritage Site – the only place where thousands of Humpback Whales stop during their migration between mid-July and October to rest, socialise and play with their calves in the warm shallow waters of Hervey Bay and K’gari (Fraser Island). Hervey Bay truly is Australia’s capital for Whale Watching.


Hervey Bay Accommodation


Whale Watching Capital of Australia

There are over 15 different Hervey Bay Whale Watching cruises so if you need help choosing, we can recommend the most suitable tour for you. As locals, we know each tour & vessel. The main differences are the timings & duration on the water, vessel type, and inclusions such as meals, hydrophone, swim with whales and other activities.

Hervey Bay was declared the first Whale Heritage Site in the world in 2019 and recognised globally as a premier whale watching destination.

It is the only place on Australia’s east coast where thousands of humpback whales take a break during their annual migration and stay up to two weeks in the calm, warm waters of Platypus Bay in the lee of K’gari (Fraser Island). The large number of whales in this relatively small area results in extraordinary whale watching from mid-July to late October.

A few fun facts!

  • Adult humpback whales are about 13-15 metres long and weigh 35-40 tonnes!
  • They can consume up to a tonne of food in a day.
  • When swimming, humpbacks breath every 6-8 minutes and when resting every 10-20 minutes.
  • Calves remain with their mothers for about 6 to 12 months nursing on fat-rich milk and growing rapidly.
  • Hydrophones are microphones that crews lower into the water so you can hear whales singing (typically called "whale song").

Watch out for these whale behaviours!

  • Head Slap - lunging head-first out of the water up to 6 metres.
  • Breach - the whale propels itself out of the water, clearing the surface with two-thirds of its body or more.
  • Blow - as a whale exhales and inhales at the surface, a cloud of water vapour is produced above its head during exhalation.
  • Pec Slap - the whale rolls sideways at the surface slapping a pectoral fin against the water.
  • Tail Slap - forceful slapping of the tail fluke against the surface resulting in underwater sounds.
  • Spy Hop - the whale propels itself out of the water clearing the surface with two-thirds of its body or more.

Things To Do
Hervey Bay

Whether you just want to spend your time in Hervey Bay unwinding and relaxing, or being more adventurous and active, enjoying beachside shopping & dining, Hervey Bay is a friendly and welcoming eco-destination with a laid-back lifestyle and plenty of Things-To-Do for everyone.

Beaches - Take a relaxing walk or swim at the beautiful calm & clear shelly beaches of Torquay and Scarness. Some days you will think you are on an island.

Sunset - Grab your camera & find the perfect vantage point for a vibrant sunset over the water. As the bay orientates north, you'll get a special east coast experience with the sun setting over the water. For that reason, Hervey Bay has some very enjoyable Sunset Cruises worth experiencing.


Cycle - Enjoy the 16km leafy Esplanade as it winds its way along the pristine beaches on one side and cafes, shops, pubs and restaurants along the other. Hervey Bay is a very popular cycling destination and holds cycling and triathlon events throughout the year.

Picnic - Nothing beats a relaxing outdoor picnic and Hervey Bay has you covered with plenty of free picnic areas along the Esplanade. Pack a picnic, cook a beachside BBQ, or enjoy fresh fish and chips at the many picnic tables and decks overlooking the sparkling bay.


Fishing - Grab your fishing line & bait and head out along the iconic 868m Urangan Pier.  Many kids have learnt to fish during family holidays at Hervey Bay, good outdoor family fun. If you want something more serious there are charters to book for fishing the inshore reefs and offshore fishing zones.


Galleries - If art and culture are more your style there's always something interesting on exhibition at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery. We are also home to some lovely private art studios and galleries such as Ashleigh Manley.

Botanical Gardens - Walk through the beautifully landscaped Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens and Orchid House and discover a rich, natural ecology which reflects our proximity to World Heritage listed K’gari (Fraser Island).


Getting To Hervey Bay


Hervey Bay is a small coastal city on the Fraser Coast in Queensland, Australia. The location is approximately 290 km north of Queensland's state capital, Brisbane.

It's an easy drive of only 3.5 hours north of Brisbane or 2.5 hours north of the Sunshine Coast via the Pacific Coast Way and Bruce Highway.

If you prefer to fly, Hervey Bay is a short 35-minute commercial flight direct from Brisbane Domestic Airport, or a 90-minute flight direct from Sydney Domestic Airport to Hervey Bay Airport.

There are coach shuttle services 3-times per day between Hervey Bay and Brisbane.
Greyhound Australia also provide regular services between Hervey Bay and Brisbane. 

Daily train services operated by Queensland Rail stop at the nearby regional stations of Howard and Maryborough West where you then take a short transfer to Hervey Bay.

We highly recommend you plan your Nature Coast Australia Road Trip using our itinerary tips here.

Hervey Bay
Eat & Drink

Hervey Bay is Queensland’s fastest growing food lovers paradise and is especially known for its fresh seafood and the famous Hervey Bay Scallop.  For a truly wholistic and enjoyable visit to Hervey Bay, you must plan to incorporate these top-notch Eat & Drink experiences into your stay, but we do warn you to book ahead especially during holiday periods.

The Marina

The Hervey Bay Marina is located at the harbour in Urangan, where the whale watching fleet and commercial cruises depart. Dining at the Marina entails boardwalks, open sea air, views of K'gari (Fraser Island), boat spotting, good times and a yachty atmosphere.

Whale Bay Asian Cuisine
Café Balaena
The Dock Hervey Bay
The Boat Club
Smokey Joe’s Café, Bar & Grill



Urangan is located at the eastern end of Hervey Bay is best known for its 868m Urangan Pier & for fishing and beautiful views across the bay.

For some of the best beach and bay views with great food and relaxed vibes, enjoy these eateries...

Salt Café Urangan
Bayswater Bar & Grill
Waterfront Restaurant
Pier Village Cafe
Pie & Pastry Paradise


We might be biased (because we live here), but we think Torquay in Hervey Bay Qld not only has the best swimming beach, but also has the biggest and best range of cafes and restaurants. So for those staying close by, you only have a short walk to a huge variety of dining experiences overlooking a beautiful beach. Enjoy!!

Aegean Waters French Restaurant
Banksia Seafood and Grill
Sea Bar 469
Café Tapas
Santini Pizza e Cucina
Ricardos Italiano & Seafood Restaurant
Tres Salsas
Aquavue Café Restaurant
EAT at Dan & Steph’s
Paolo's Pizza Bar
Torquay Hotel
Table Eleven
Planet 72 Ice Creamery
Santini Italian Pastry Coffee
Tannins at Torquay



Scarness Beach is a popular and busy section of the Esplanade in Hervey Bay with a beachside vibe and fantastic bay views. There's a range of eating options along its Esplanade strip, take a stroll and check them out but here's just a few to wet your appetite...

Odyssey Bistro
Enzo’s on the Beach
Beach House Hotel
Sea Breeze Café
Schnitzel & Ribs
Thai Diamond
La Bella Italia

Traditional Custodians

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and we pay our respects to their Elders past and present. We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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